Phase 1

To get started, Tom the Builder will work closely with you and provide an estimate to build your dream home. This estimate will be based on features you prefer or from what you have seen in one of our other homes. These meetings will result in an initial draft design as well as revised drafts until the home is perfect. We recommend you visit one of our current builds today!

Phase 2

Once the Draft is just the way you want it, we can then focus on the logistics. We will review with you the Draft designs of the House plan and the Lot Plan to compile/review/refine a detail list of the major items used in the building of your home.

Phase 3

You will finalize the contract documents and together we will review and approve the pricing. Once the final decisions are made, we sign the contract!

Phase 4

The Engineer and Architect will then be authorized to start preparing their plans for our Building Permit Submission Package.

The Homeowner and the Selections coordinator will start visiting showrooms and finalizing their selections.

Phase 5

The Building Team and Homeowners will meet with for a Pre-Build Meeting. Any elements discovered in Phase 4 will be addressed now along with schedules and anticipated milestones.

Phase 6

Construction Times range from 6 months to 8 months, depending on the size of the home.

Phase 7

The Homeowners can move in!